Kafe Skrin, Kuala Lumpur – A Movie-Themed Cafe



You’d think that having to brave the horrific daily jams from Mon-Fri would keep people at home on weekends, but nooooo. This is why I hate going to KL on Saturdays. I’d still be at home having a nice long sleep if it weren’t for the fact that I was emceeing (again) for one of our company events at KafeSkrin @ Ukay Boulevard, Ulu Kelang.


A favourite among the local celebrity crowd, KafeSkrin is a chic movie-themed restaurant. They even have their own ‘theatre’ where guests can enjoy their food while watching their favourite movies! The area, which looks exactly like a cineplex hall, has posters of classic films (both local and international) papering one side of the wall.


Just like a real theatre! Notable actors, producers and film industry heavyweights often have their functions and launchings here. You can’t tell from the pic, but the area between the seats is quite spacious and there are tables there for you to put your food/drinks on.


Outside, the regular dining area is no-less stylish. Loads of movie paraphernalia, souvenirs and posters everywhere. There’s a cosy couch area flanked by a Stormtrooper and batman, while the table is littered with film-related books and magazines.

20151219_101701-tile 20151219_101707-tile



Spacious and cool-looking. Hipster fodder.

20151219_101722-tile 20151219_101726-tile 20151219_101737-tile

The ‘bar’ counter (I call it a bar, but they don’t serve alcoholic drinks since it is a halal establishment) is made to look like a movie concessionaire, complete with popcorn and soda machines.


More movie posters; some are super vintage.


We did the prize giving in the theatre room. Hampers by Mamee! Played some games with the participants, group photo, etc.


The cafe’s management were so kind to provide us with a simple lunch: fried meehoon, garlic bread, chicken nuggets and spicy chicken drumettes (these were bomb! Crunchy and crispy, with a spicy kick and juicy and tender on the inside).  We also watched Jurassic World while having the meal. 🙂


I would like to come again to try some of their food and soak in the cool ambience, if the place wasn’t so far away from my house. But hey, never know when I’ll be in the neighbourhood so let’s keep our fingers crossed. 🙂

Kafe Skrin 

No 9G, Jalan MRR2,

Ukay Boulevard Ulu Kelang, 68000,

Selangor, Malaysia

Open: 9am – 11pm

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