Company Christmas Party 2015

Organizing a Christmas party can be very stressful, especially when it’s a last-minute thing for 30 people. Initially, I was there to do the emceeing (do it once and they’ll never let you go again) and help out with some odds and ends, but ended up doing everything that the PIC was supposed to do.. which really put a damper on my mood. (Read previous post here.)

I know it’s partly because of my highly-demanding, psychotic-perfectionist INTJ personality, but I really wished said PIC had been more of a help because it wasn’t my job to do those things in the first place. I helped her out because I thought of her as a friend, and once the event started, she just shoved everything to me and it was impossible to just leave the guests hanging, so I had to take on responsibility.

I’ll let it slide this time, in the spirit of Christmas and all lol. But never again. 

That aside, it was an interesting experience to put together an event and make sure everything is done right from A-Z.


We had our event at a rooftop cafe in KL. The space was super small, so we had to put some tables and chairs outside to allow everyone to sit. Thank God it stopped raining by the time the guests arrived! The deco is nice and tasteful, with Italian-imported chairs that the owner was fearful of us scratching with our bags as he requested us to put them on the floor. Also expensive decor like a gold-plated gun-shaped lamp that cost over RM10,000, which he was kind to point out to us several times.


We had the reception bring up a small Christmas tree and piled our gift exchange presents underneath.


Smile! 🙂


One of the staff helping to arrange the desserts, cookies and sweet snacks on a table, with a view overlooking the KL skyline.



Table lamps. These were pretty cool as you can switch them on and off using a touch panel without flicking any buttons. Good for romantic dinners.


We invited a singer to entertain us with some jolly ole Christmas tunes.


Food was finally served, buffet style. There was Briyani rice with saffron, which was fragrant and separated nicely into individual grains, as well as Mediterranean lamb and rosemary herbed chicken – tender, meaty and flavourful. The spring roll was exceptional: crispy, stuffed with shrimp, meat and vegetables, but when I went back for seconds, they were all gone. 😡


Pumpkin soup. Creamy but a bit too rich and leaning towards the sweet side. Nice to eat when still warm.

After food it was on to the gift exchange session. I didn’t have a mic because PIC forgot to take that into consideration (she didn’t even have an event agenda for me and expected me to just emcee off the top of my head, for crying out loud). When it was time to do the name drawing and handing out of gifts, she just sat there and texted her bf on the phone. I asked if she could help out and she asked another colleague to help.

Hello? That’s your job?

That’s why I’m saying, never again. I had fun organizing the event and learning how to put it together, but there’s also one thing I really dislike and that’s people taking advantage of my help. So dudette, the next time, you can do YOUR event YOURSELF. Eris has left the building.


On a happier, less frustrating note, I got my favourite butter cookies from the gift exchange! Haven’t had these for the longest time, really brings back memories of childhood.

Anyway, that’s how my Christmas party went. I sort of had fun, but man. That’s the last time I’m sticking my neck out for someone who doesn’t appreciate what I do for them. Derp.

Toodle-O and Merry Christmas!


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