Taiping Pao Pao Cafe, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Update: This restaurant is permanently closed.

Being foodies, the fam and I are always on the lookout for new restaurants and eateries to explore, so when we passed by Taiping Pao Pao at Bandar Puteri Puchong, we thought of having breakfast here. 🙂


Although the outlet is new, they claim to serve ‘Heritage Pao’ since 1950. The heritage theme is reflected in their vintage decorations, with yellowing pictures and posters framed on the walls, and items like bamboo coffee tables, Chinese chess sets, and old-school cushion sofas. I had these in my house as a kid and they were perfect for building forts.



The menu is still limited at the moment. Other than Pao (buns), they also have stuff like rice and noodles.


Mum had charsiubao (roast pork) while bro had sweet potato bao. Both came in a steamer, all fluffy and warm. I didn’t try it but Mi said it was tasty and the skin was good… which is high praise coming from my finnicky mother, haha.


Bro’s bun came with a side of chicken curry. A lot of Malaysians prefer coconut milk in their curry, but I didn’t detect any in this.Still, it had a good flavour and the serving was generous. And who doesn’t like dipping bread/buns into hot curry/broth?


I had noodles, topped with a half boiled egg, minced meat in a dark sauce and pork lard, served with two humongous pork balls. The noodles were silky smooth and had a very fragrant smell thanks to the lard, but was a bit on the oily side. The pork balls were juicy and bouncy to the bite.

Prices here are reasonable, and the place is cooling and comfy. Great place to grab breakfast – but they also serve lunch and dinner as well. Might come back and try something else next time 🙂


21, Jalan Puteri 1/6,

Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

Open: 8am – 10pm

2 thoughts on “Taiping Pao Pao Cafe, Bandar Puteri Puchong

  1. Nice to read your review. I haven’t eat at the store yet. Sometimes, I went to Master English to teach. The store is just nearby but I was too busy to drop by. After reading your review, I’ll give it a try for healthy bun or pao. I won’t eat the noodle with pork lard as it’s not my taste. Thanks.


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