Tous Les Jour Bistro, Empire Subang Jaya

I hadn’t had the chance to meet up with ex-colleagues since I left my last job, so we decided to hangout and have dinner at Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya. It’s a relatively high-end neighbourhood mall so the options for food weren’t super.

We settled for Tous Les Jour, which is a bistro-cum-bakery, accessible from the mall’s outdoor terrace. The front part of the place is a bakery while the back is a dining area. The brand is from Korea and has classy-looking outlets in a few countries.


K’s iced lemon juice. Cold, refreshing and sour.


N had a cheeseburger, which had a beef patty with melted cheese on one bun, and loads of vege on the other. Also came served with potato wedges.


I had the chicken ham and cheese panini. It was quite disappointing, as the bread was not warm enough, resulting in cold, salty blocks of unmelted cheese. The butter on the bread had soaked into it and made it an oily mess, while the edges were still floury. Poor quality for the price. :/


Y enjoyed her Eggs Benedict though. Had a bit and thought it needed more seasoning.

Overall, the price was not worth it for the taste. They have other items like pizza and pastas, but I don’t think I’ll be making a return trip soon. D:

Tous Les Jour

Jalan SS16/1, Lot GK08,

Ground Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang

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