Manhattan Fish Market, D Pulze Cyberjaya


Update:This branch is permanently closed.

So the bro turned 21.

Our family isn’t big on parties, so it’s usually just the birthday-person’s ‘meal of choice’. He wanted Manhattan Fish Market; so off we went to the nearest one located at D Pulze Shopping Center in Cyberjaya. I’ve been here before and the food was decent enough, but this time around it was quite disappointing.


Dad had the Fishy Chicky Bang Bang – a whole fried fish fillet stuffed with chicken on the inside and smothered in a cheesy sauce. It was served with a side of salad, fried egg on a deep fried spaghetti bed, and lightly seasoned fries. The chicken and fish was okay but give the spaghetti bed a miss – it tasted like plain flour.


Bro’s Flaming Cheesy Baked Rice. A large piece of cheese-encrusted dory on a bed of coriander and rosemary herb rice, all wrapped up in an aluminium foil basket, was flamed on the spot with a blowtorch. Came served with boiled vegetables. Not too bad, but not amazing either.


I thought I couldn’t go wrong with Cheesy Fish N Chips, which was served with cheese sauce over chips, a side of salad tossed in vinaigrette and tomato/mayo dip. I was mistaken. The fish was too oily and overcooked – when I cut it open, the meat flaked all over the place. They put too much vinaigrette on the salad, which resulted in my chips soaking it up and turning soggy. I was disappointed because I’ve had this at this very outlet before and it was quite good then. :/


Moo had baked salmon and mashed potato with black pepper sauce. Apparently she didn’t enjoy it either.

Well. There goes the birthday meal. I wasn’t very happy with the service too as our server appeared bored and disinterested, and didn’t even remember repeating our orders.

They do have birthday promotions for groups of six, where they provide a free drink tower and some desserts.


Lot UG-13, Upper Ground, DPulze Shopping Centre, Lingkaran Cyber Point Timur, Cyber 12, 62300 Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Tel: 03 8800 9075

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