Car Got Broken Into

Today was a shitty day because…



I parked at my usual spot, went to work, and then came back in the evening to this. Somebody had smashed my passenger side window and went through my glove compartment. There was nothing in it so the idiot only succeeded in making a huge mess, and I’ll have to fork out a few hundred for repairs. -_-

Thing is, I was parked near a housing scheme with a whole bunch of other bigger, nicer cars (I drive a really small one) so I don’t understand why they targeted mine. I racked my brains to see if I had pissed off anyone but nah, don’t think so.

This isn’t the first time my car has had it’s window broken (the last time was the back window). It’s pretty bad luck for a three-year-old car to have this happen to it twice (in different neighbourhoods).

I did a police report at the nearby station. The policemen were nice but said they couldn’t do anything so they’ll just keep my statement for the records in case something like this happens again. Meanwhile, I’ll have to park my car somewhere nearer to the shops so there are more pedestrians around.

I kinda feel sorry for the guy who did this because he has a pair of strong arms that can break glass (? lol) but has chosen to use them for petty crime instead of working for an honest living. It’s also an indicator of how bad the economy is that more and more such cases are happening.. so stay safe, guys!


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