Lily’s @ Meranti Jaya, Puchong

Update: This restaurant is permanently closed.

Meranti Jaya is a growing area in the south Puchong township : aside from new developments, the shops in this area are also coming up. Since I drive past this place on my way home, it’s easy to spot new restaurants and establishments.

Most of the food outlets here are typical Chinese restos or mamak stalls, so Lily’s, with it’s simple black typography and clean white exterior, caught my eye immediately. From what little I could glean from Google, it seemed like they served Italian fare. I decided to drop by and try them out for myself.



Simple and spacious with wooden tables, black and white chairs and tasteful art decor, the restaurant was quiet at 8.30pm – understandable, since they opened just two weeks ago. But the star at the resto was Lily herself.

Most people would name restaurants after themselves, like ‘Bob’s’, or ‘Joe’s’, but Lily isn’t the cook nor the owner. The current owners, a husband and wife team, named the resto after their adorable little daughter, Lily. She was at the resto when I got there, toddling about the place with her puffy cheeks and googly eyes. So cute! šŸ™‚ I think it’s really sweet that the owners named their ‘baby’ resto after their own baby, don’t you think?


The menu is rather limited at the moment, with two kinds of pasta, a burger dish, steaks, and appetisers.

I had their carbonara pasta (RM20), which looked rather different from the conventional versions. Instead of a milky white, the sauce was a cheesy yellow. I think (?) it was frothed, beaten egg. It didn’t taste anything like normal carbonara, but I liked the taste as the egg coated the pasta smoothly and the bits of bacon were well done. The owner, who came by to check if everything was good, said that it was fresh and home made (and it tasted that way). My only qualm is that the pasta seemed a bit clumped together, but otherwise this was a tasty pasta with a twist.


They also convinced me to get the last tiramisu in the house (RM10), which came in a souffle bowl. The cake was soft, light and spongy, while the cream was not overpowering. Could up the sweetness a bit.

Bill came up to RM30+, which was standard cafe/restaurant price. Would love to come back for more once they add more items to their menu. I think pizzas are in the pipeline.


Jalan Meranti jaya 3/1,

Taman Meranti Jaya, Puchong.

Biz hours: 12pm – 3pm,Ā 6pm – 10pm

Tel: +60 12-588 7150

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