Flippin Tables

I don’t always agree with what my editors consider ‘good’ stories. I know, they’ve been in the industry for years and are more well connected and knowledgeable than little ol me, but there are days when the stuff they tell us to do is just plain… ridiculous.

Like today. I nearly burst a couple of blood vessels.

So there I was, doing online duty for our ‘citizen’ journalism portal, which we populate with content of our own because nobody wants to submit stuff…(They launched it close to two years ago with no direction or specific theme, so it obvi never took off. They wanted to close it down earlier this year but for some reason the bosses seem to want to keep it going on its last legs) when my editor E beckons me to come to his desk. He then shows me pictures of a bunch of pretty girls showing cleavage, legs, cleavage, legs, and more cleavage with a thousand different Insta filters.

Me: Okay, so what’s this…

E: Eh, can you do a story about these girls ah? They are Malaysian and they recently went viral on social media. (shows me info on trashy, sensationalist portals, possibly with porno sidebars)

Me: Uh, okay. So… what do they do..

E: I think they’re models. Can you find out? Their names are xx, xx and xxxx.

Me: That’s super generic though.

(Random colleague pops in): Oh, what’s that? *reads stuff in Chinese* Girls with angel faces and the body of devils….

E: *proceeds to perv-laugh lvl 9000* Anyway, can you find out? Maybe message them on their social media profiles? Ask them what they think about this attention.

My internal monologue: But they don’t fuckin’ do anything. They’re just pretty faces and please wipe that pervo smile off ur face pls we know you’re hamsap but this is a workplace, you and I are professionals  

Me: Okay.

And then I just wrote a crappy ass article. If E wanted more info, he can look it up himself.

I think there is something seriously wrong with media culture these days. It’s the reason why people like the Kardashians are famous for being slutty, provocative, and for acting dumb (don’t get me wrong. There’s a difference between being dumb and pretending to be. I actually think they are really smart because they know how to appear dumb. Lol.)

Let’s face it. People like looking at pretty faces. Sex sells. But that doesn’t mean we, as a (somewhat reputable) news organisation, need to condone this sort of culture, for youths to aspire to be nothing but ‘pretty’ so that they can enjoy a rich, luxurious lifestyle without having to do anything.

It’s times like these that I’m glad I’m leaving.

Just three more days, people.

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