It’s been awhile since I wrote an entry – that’s coz I’ve been busy this past week with work and whatnot. Some updates:


I made food! Lol.

Sounds very normal in most households, but I rarely cook and when I do, it almost always turns out a disaster. I was really surprised I managed to make this on my own🙂

Anyway, the recipe is from Laura Vitale: pan-fried salmon on a bed of stir-fried mushrooms, baby spinach and diced tomatoes.

11400967_10153330109113058_4224266571901205593_n (1)

Well I started the week off fairly well, but then I had a Sunday off and my parents decided that it was family-bonding day, so we went for a nice breakfast + dinner… because I’m always working on weekends and we rarely go out for a meal together these days :/

Had a load of dimsum at our favourite restaurant in Bandar Puteri. It has been quite some time since my last dimsum session. I’ve missed the dumplings and fried spring rolls.


Dinner was steamboat…also something I haven’t had in a long time. On one hand I was super happy that I got to eat, but on the other hand I was disappointed that I couldn’t keep to my diet lol. :<


And then since the week was fucked anyway, I had nasi lemak with all the sides.


Attempted to eat ‘healthy’ by going for Japanese food. ended up eating way more than I should gah pls kill me


Sisters Crispy Popiah.


Attended an awards night for journalists. Wasn’t nominated, but went to give support to some colleagues.

Anddd that’s about what’s been happening lately. More to come!