Intelligentsia Cafe, Los Angeles

Cafes in KL are often open til way past midnight. Even if they aren’t, people still like to hangout at mamaks (Indian restaurants) or food courts til the wee hours of the morning, watching football on an LED projector screen. Otherwise, we’ll be watching late night movies or hangout at the shopping mall til late. What can I say, Malaysians are night owls.


American culture is wayy different. After 9pm on a weekday, you’ll be hard pressed to find a coffee place that’s open. We dropped by at Intelligentsia at 7.30pm and they were already closing at 8pm.


Fire truck red building screams hipster cafe


Just had a quick cappuccino. The place is highly recommended with good reviews, and it did not disappoint. The brew was rich and strong, while the milk was steamed just right. Its too bad we didn’t get to try more. There weren’t many seats inside the cafe, which was decorated with yellow light bulbs to give off a cosy light, and wooden furniture/accents.

If I really moved to America in the future, I think I’d miss a lot of things about Malaysian culture. Our shopping, for instance. I haven’t seen anything other than strip malls in LA. In KL, you can throw a stone and it would land on a large shopping mall. People shop all day because its too hot to do anything else lol.


Silver Lake

3922 West Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, California 90029

6am – 8pm Sunday – Wednesday
6am – 11pm Thursday – Saturday 

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