Blue Hair Don’t Care


My hair has been growing at a snail’s pace since I cut it last October. After months of waiting it was finally neck-length, but I went and cut it short again ._. I also dyed itblue. 

I was quite disappointed with the service I got from Hattitude Salon in Setiawalk. I decided to go there because they have amazing Facebook client photos.

Got there at 5.45pm and they assured me it wouldn’t take longer than two hours… but what happened was they were understaffed and had to attend to other clients. So they left the blue hair dye on me for nearly an hour, whereas the top (which the stylist had suggested to dye an ash colour) was only left on for 10 minutes.

The colour did not stick and it came out like the red I had dyed previously. The rushed haircut she gave me (by the time she attended to me again it was already 8.30pm and I was the last customer there) was not to my liking as it covered up all the blue – it looked like I had not dyed it at all. And they charged me RM340 bucks for everything wtf.

I later had my haircut ‘fixed’ at Snips in IOI Mall. I bumped into my ex schoolmate there – he’s working as a stylist. He said he couldn’t fix it much unless he cut my hair short, so… all those months of growing my hair out came to nothing again. I feel like shaving my hair off, but I just spent 300 bucks on it so nah.

The next time around I’ll just go back to the saloon where I got my hair cut short in the first place.

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