Strangers at 47 (Again)

Did you get the pun? Lol.

I had Sunday off and Mum was craving for some crepes, so we drove to Strangers at 47 at SS17, PJ.

Strangers serves a limited but tasty selection of sweet and savoury crepes. It was raining so there weren’t many customers, but it’s usually packed to the brim on weekends.


We ordered three savoury crepes to share among us. Ofc, I couldn’t miss out on having my all-time favourite – the Lethal Shrooms. Stuffed into the fluffy, light crepe skin is portobello, shimeji, baby king oyster mushrooms along with soft cooked spinach and caramelised onions. It is then topped off with refreshing tomato relish, an appetising balsamic vinaigrette and perfectly poached egg. Despite coming here a couple of times, the quality has been consistent, so that’s a good thing!


We also tried two new crepes. This one is the BBC, or Big Breakfast Crepe – your typical breakfast fare. There’s a fried egg with runny yolk, crepe, hash brown, ham slices, chicken chorizo, beans and stir fried spinach, mushrooms and chilli. While it tasted good, it wasn’t particularly special or value for money (RM23). I can get a bigger, better breakfast meal at Red Beanbag for nearly the same price.


Another crepe that I had for the first time was Miss Dory (RM20) featuring a large, thick-cut breaded fish fillet and tangy sriracha lime mayo, crunchy squid, vegetable salad, roasted cherry tomatoes and to add a contrasting texture to all that crisp, a potato pumpkin mash. The sour, tangy flavour was very appetising and the fish had soft and melt-in-your-mouth flesh.


To top off our meal, we had a sweet crepe called Purple Rage.(RM9) – made with purple Japanese sweet potato, coconut sago and palm sugar. The combi of flavours is really good, especially the palm sugar which tastes like thickened caramel.

The sweet crepes are half the price of the savoury ones and are quite small in portions –  between the three of us, we each had just one bite to taste.


One thing I don’t like about coming here is the awfully long waiting time. Even though there weren’t a lot of customers, our order still took close to 40mins to arrive – I guess they’re short on manpower. The staff and owners are all very nice and friendly, but gosh, I wouldn’t want to come here during peak time and wait for two whole hours for a meal.

If you’re craving for a cosy space with good home-cooked food (and if you’re willing to wait!) then head on to Strangers at 47.

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