A Korean Feast @ Ko Hyang Korean Delights, Cyberjaya

Update: This branch is permanently closed.

SINCE the Korean wave hit Malaysian shores, there has been a slew of eateries and cafes catering to the K-Pop and K-Drama craze. While I am not a big fan of Korean food, I do go for Ramyeon pretty often at Ko Hyang Korean Delights in Cyberjaya. C, E and I decided to come here for a small ‘get-together’ two weeks ago, because I also needed their help to film something for work.


We ordered a buttload of food. They served us bowls of seaweed soup, which was more salt water than seaweed.


C’s beef jigae came with fluffy eggs, onions, soft beef bits and other vegetables. The soup tasted similar to the Ramyeon I always have, but it was good to go with rice especially when served hot.


Springy ramyeon topped with tender, chewy beef slices and eggs.


E ordered Rabokki – a combination of Ramyeon and Tokbokki (spicy rice cakes) cooked with sliced vegetables like onions and carrots. All of the above mentioned items also come served with banchan (sides) of fried anchovies, stir fried soft potatoes and kimchi.

The Rabokki was too spicy for my liking, although the rice cakes were done well and chewy. Aside from being hot, the sauce was quite tasteless. I’ve definitely tried better items on their menu.


This was one of the worse dishes of the night – Jajangmyeon. Topped with peas and cucumber strips, the sauce was distinctly sour and the texture resembled congealed blood. I only had one bite and skipped the rest – what a waste.


Scallion pancakes. They were decent enough albeit a little oily.


Grilled lamb in a sweet sauce, which came served with cold cucumber cuts. The meat was marinated well and flavourful, more on the sweet side than savoury.


G116, Lower Ground Floor, Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya

Lot P 1-20, Shaftsbury Square Persiaran Multimedia, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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