The Hungry Hog, SS15 Subang Jaya

Update: this restaurant is permanently closed.

I’ve been to The Hungry Hog in SS15 a very long time ago, during my six-month stint as junior editor at a children’s magazine. My graphic designers, Joey and Jason, brought me to try it out. That was in 2012 (so long ago!). I remembered the food to be pretty good, especially their signature 3-Little-Pigs burger. 

I was craving for some porky dishes so N and I went hunting for burger places in SS15. We ended up at the Hungry Hog after a really long walk (because there weren’t any parking spaces. SS15 is a parking nightmare).


Simple, cosy interior which hasn’t changed since my last visit in 2012.



It was already 9pm then and I was feeling super hungry. Reminiscing on the good ol days from my last visit, I went for the Three Little Pigs. I didn’t want vegetables for sides, so I ended up paying RM2 extra for their sweet potato fries. The result was a muthafking load of regular fries AND s.p fries.

I was actually very disappointed with the sweet potato fries. They looked like regular fries and tasted almost the same, just slightly sweeter. The ones at Strangers at 47 are way better. The staff forgot to add fried egg to my burger although the server had repeated the order back to me, so it must have gotten lost in translation – and I had to wait an extra 10 mins.


I don’t know if I’m being overly nostalgic, but the quality of the burger has seriously declined. The caramelised onions were overdone and tasted bitter, although the pork patty was still moist and juicy. It was also a tad too salty – tasted almost like my mum’s preserved vegetables minced pork, which is not what I expected from a Western burger joint


Overall I was very disappointed with how the food quality has plummeted. Maybe it’s just me. Reviews of the place (most of which date back to 2012, which was also around the time I first tried it) have been positive, and I haven’t seen any new, negative reviews, so… I don’t know. Did they change chefs or something?

The Hungry Hog 

71, Jalan SS15/4C, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
012-225 0877

Closed on Mondays


While we’re on this post, I might as well stuff in a few extra photos I took from an event at work the other day. It was a property launching event at Sunway Velocity and they had a couple of booths with interesting items, like dragon-candy making demonstrations.

Dragon candy is a traditional Chinese candy named so because the wispy outer shell resembles ‘longsou’ or dragon beard (those are finely pulled sugar strands by the way). The inside is filled with chopped peanuts. It’s crumbly and the sugar melts on your tongue, revealing the crunchy peanuts on the inside.


It takes a fair amount of skill to make these sweet treats.


At another booth, cute coloured dough dolls. This is a traditional Chinese art dating back to 4,000 years ago. While definitely adorable, they are non-edible 😛 The artist here has fashioned models suited to modern day culture and tastes, such as Ultraman and Angry Bird.


Chinese Zodiac animals 🙂

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