The Grind Burger Bar, PJ

Update:  This restaurant is permanently closed.

Malaysians have always had a love affair with burgers – the popularity of the Burger Ramly stalls (a localised street version of the all-American favourite) is testament to that. Over the last couple of years, restaurants have cashed in on the demand for gourmet burgers, with outlets sprouting up all over the Klang Valley like mushrooms in the rain.

While some establishments have seen a drop in quality after becoming overly commercialised, there are still a couple of places who retain their original charm which made gourmet burgers such a hit with the crowd.

I dropped by for lunch one of these places – The Grind Burger Bar in SS17, PJ.


Located on the same row as the ever popular Kanna Curry House and Strangers at 47, parking in the area can be a pain (which, I think, is the only bad thing about The Grind’s location). I was surprised to find a relatively empty cafe even though it was lunch time on a weekend. The restaurant has a very cosy looking exterior with warm, low lighting, red brick walls and wooden tables. There is a bar counter with high stools in one corner. Posters and decorations exuding old-school American burger bar props line the walls.


What better drink to go with burgers/hotdogs and the like other than a cold, sweet milkshake? Lo and behold, The Grind serves Nutella milkshakes – a creamy, smooth blend of nutty, chocolatey goodness topped with fluffy whipped cream and drizzled over with chocolate sauce. One glass was definitely not enough.

They also serve beer, selected wines and  alcoholic milkshakes.

Other milkshake options include the conventional Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookie Monster (oreo) and Nutty Professor.


W ordered the Big Black Dog, which is a juicy pork bratwurst stuffed between a charcoal bun before being topped off with melted cheese, chopped onions and minced pork house chilli; served with a side of garlic herbed fries.


K got the Elvis with a Twist. This is one funky burger which comes with a one third pounder patty, fried banana fritters (? sounds weird, but apparently she gave it a big thumbs up!), bacon, cheddar, crisp lettuce, onions, tomato, lingonberry jam and house mayo.


N got the basic Pork Burger, which is priced at RM12. Not too expensive, considering the place and the portions.


As for myself, I was feeling a little porky 😀 So I got the Big Breakfast. Grind Burger Bar offers All-Day breakfast options. My platter came with two runny eggs, sunny side up, a side of tossed salad (the dressing was amazing, with a light, smoky flavour), warm baked beans, two strips of thin bacon, garlic bread and a pork bratwurst.

Tbh some of the items weren’t great,  especially the garlic bread which tasted stale and was hard to chew. The bacon was overcooked and soaked up too much oil, and was flecked with burnt bits.

But you know what? The pork bratwurst made up for EVERYTHING. It was like the beautiful princess making her entrance at a prom night and casting all the other girls into dullness by comparison. Thick and juicy,  moist and packed with porky flavours. I wanted to order a few more ala-carte but they didn’t have that option on the menu T-T.

I guess the next time I should order the German Sheperd (which comes with two bratwursts.) Because one is definitely not enuff.


No.7, Jalan 17/45 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +603-7932 3883


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