I Can’t Stop Smelling Myself…

…Because this new fragrance is too goood.


I recently got my work bonus and decided to indulge *a little* on a bottle of perfume from The Body Shop.

I’ve been a fan since my student days in the UK, because they were so cheap over there (body mist for just £5! Here in Malaysia they go for RM35+, which is £7). Even so, they’re relatively cheaper than other brands, and smell just as good.

I’ve tried their Vanilla and Strawberry flavours, so this time around I got the Honeymania. It was love at first whiff. 

The Honeymania perfume is sweet without being cloying, and reminds me of honey cakes, caramel and baby powder. Sweet, but light.

The only qualms I have about this product is the extremely small size. It looks like it’ll only last two months at most. But then again, the scent is pretty long-lasting and can easily last you throughout the day.


On another note, I’m kind of broke because I just changed some USD today. The exchange rate is RM3.69 per dollar 😦 I only got 272 USD from RM1,000. With oil prices at a low and negative market sentiment, I think this figure won’t be going up anytime soon. So I might as well just change the money now before it drops to 3.8 or God forbid, 4. *cries*

*update March 2016 – this has happened already. 

69 days more to my LA trip. Super excited!


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