Christmas Meetup with the Midnight Gang

SO I met up with the Midnight Gang on Boxing Day. 

Nah, we’re not some Asian mafia…. it’s just a nickname the four of us came up with as students in the UK, because we used to hangout way past midnight in our apartment to gossip, make pancakes and have fattening suppers of fish n chips and garlic mayo ‘dabao-ed‘ from the nearby kebab shops. It’s been two years since our last gathering  – I mean, I’ve seen Mabel around since she works with a company that my newspaper deals with a lot, but I haven’t seen Jo and Eenoch for a long time. Since the latter was in KL for a couple of days, we decided to have a quick meetup session at The Curve.


Catching up on how everyone was doing… and then it was time to exchange presents!  I was really touched that they got me things that I actually liked.. (the forever dilemma of buying presents for someone is wondering if they’ll like it or not. I usually just ask them what they want). I guess they weren’t my classmates for four years for nothing.


Bel, me, Eenoch and Jo. We talked about the good ol’ student days.. it wasn’t that long ago, but in between working and just living life, it seemed like years. We’re all a little older and wiser, but I think deep down inside, we’re still the same. And that’s a good thing!


Handmade heart card from Mabel.


A notebook with custom stamps from Jo, bag, and a cutesy owl mug from Typo from Eenoch.

SAM_6186-tile SAM_6187-tile

Mabel gave me and Jo an accessory set with these lovely earrings! Altho the piercing on my left ear has closed.


Merry Christmas, guys!

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