Annual Work Afterparty@ Blue Elephant, Plaza Damansara

Every December, my editorial team has an end-of-year-party with all the editors, journalists and subeditors from my section. This year the turn out was good – 50 out of 57! The theme for the night was ‘Colour Blocking’, which was imo, much easier to dress up for compared to last year’s ‘traditional clothing’ (I had to buy a Rm200 baju kurung for it, and I only wore it once!) A bunch of us girls went up to the gym floor to shower and dress up. Here’s my ‘look’ for the night:


*Borrowed glasses from Kelly.

I already had a deep blue skirt and pink wedges, so I only bought this red top and necklace from H&M.


Carpooled to  Blue Elephant, a bistro located among a stretch of bars and swanky restaurants in the upscale neighbourhood of Damansara Heights. Located within a bunch of shops called Plaza Damansara, it doesn’t have a signboard so you should look out for a small staircase a few doors down from a place called Sam’s. It can be easy to miss if you’re not a regular. The staircase is lit up by bright LED-lined posters of famous movies, and once you get up there is a ‘secret’ shelf of actors/actresses which can be slid sideways to reveal a small but cozy bar area.


Various movie paraphernalia abound! There was a golden ‘Oscar’ statue in the middle of the lounge area, which was filled with cozy, puffy cushions, ceiling mirrors and interesting movie-related quotes.


The bar area had a nicely polished wooden countertop, a large selection of liquor and drinks, and high ‘director’ chairs.


Since Blue Elephant is an offshoot of the nearby A Li Yaa restaurant, food for the night was Sri Lankan fare. It was a little too spicy for my tastebuds, but some of the items were pretty good, especially the starters like the sardine-stuffed pastries.



Boss insisted I at least drink some cider.. I’m not much of an alcohol person because I’m a kid and I hate that bitter aftertaste. This was fine though – tasted like apple juice with just a slight hint of alcohol. No driving impairment either because of the low content.



SAM_5952-tile  SAM_5954-tile

We had some fun and games like dancing and drinking contests. It was a really noisy atmosphere, but all in good cheer!

Was surprised coz I got one of the best dressed prizes and RM100 to spend. 🙂

Got home before midnight. It was a fun outing, although I was slightly disappointed with the food lol.

Blue Elephant Lounge Bar @ Plaza Damansara
15M & 17M, Plaza Damansara, Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur
Open Tues – Sundays (5pm – 2am)

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