Strangers at 47, Section 17 PJ


I. Love. Crepes. I like how versatile they are, how they can be either sweet or savoury depending on how you pair it, and how simple yet delicious it is.

Strangers at 47 is a cafe in SS17, PJ, which specialises in.. guess what? Crepes! They have both sweet and savoury flavours to satisfy every palette. Tucked in a quiet corner of a suburban neighbourhood’s commercial area, the place is perfect for a chill session or hangout with friends. The name, according to it’s owner/chef Sean Ooi comes from his desire to have a place where ‘strangers’ can meet up, bond over food and forge new relationships.

So how’s the food here?

I have to say it’s one of the most excellent places I’ve been to. Almost every dish that I tried was superbly prepared with fresh ingredients paired perfectly. Nothing is overdone – its simplicity is what makes it so yummy.


My favourite was the Lethal shrooms  – with portobello, shimeji, baby king oyster mushrooms, spinach and caramelised onion stuffed into a lightly herbed crepe, topped with tomato relish, poached egg and balsamic reduction. At first glance, the balsamic reduction resembled chocolate drizzle so I was a little confused, lol. The egg was done perfectly and when cut open, drenched the crepe with golden yellow yolky goodness. The moist, juicy mushrooms were also cooked just right, the soft texture contrasting with the crunchy onions. One of the best crepes that I’ve tried – I highly recommend it to hobbits, people who love shrooms, or just anyone who is visiting this place in general.

Crepes are usually thought of as light snacks, but this was filling enough to be a meal on its own.


The interior is decorated with wooden tables and cinder-toned walls accentuated by soft white lights,  giving it a cosy feel.


I had the matcha latte. Foamy, milky and with a thick green tea taste, this was a winner in my books. The drinks are prepared by Sean’s girlfriend and she also mans the counter. It’s quite amazing how these young entrepreneurs run the place – everyone has a role to play, so the cafe runs efficiently. Kudos! (PS: Not everyone likes green tea, so for those who prefer something more conventional, they also have coffee and chocolate).


Moving on.. more savoury crepes! ‘A Hen’s Crush’ has pan-seared chicken, sweet capsicum, golden hash brown, citrus-cucumber-onion salad and house made tangy sauce in a chilli-flaked crepe. Despite the spices, the hot factor on this one is not very high. I guess the chilli is just for an extra kick. While I don’t like veggies on their own, when paired with the juicy, meaty chicken, it came together well as a whole. I like how they left the skin on so it was slightly crispy on the outside. Another thumbs up!


Last but not least of the savoury crepes was ‘Shore to Please’  – a marriage between Eastern and Western ingredients and cooking styles. The shrimp is marinated Cajun style with salted egg yolk (a common Chinese seafood pairing), cooked with battered squid, spinach, caramelised onions and roasted cherry tomatoes. Squid and shrimp, my two favourite seafood in the world? Bring it on! The squid was particularly lovely – so fresh and springy to the bite.The shrimp was slightly overdone but well-flavoured with spices.

Okay, you know what? Just get everything on the menu because they’re all good. Lol.


Sweet-tooths, rejoice. You have found your dream desserts. The sweet crepes served here are equally good in terms of flavour and ingredients. For those who like Asian ingredients, go for the Purple Rage – a sweet potato crepe filled to the brim with creamy Japanese sweet potato, coconut sago and pandan-infused gula melaka (palm sugar).The flavour is subtly sweet without being overpowering, and you can really taste the natural sweetness of the ube.


My favourite (well I’m biased because I like chocolate over anything else) is the quirkily named Dark Side – chocolate crepe, dark chocolate spread, white chocolate curls, orange caramel topped with vanilla ice-cream. The orange caramel gives it a slightly fruity tang that goes well with the creamy chocolate and vanilla. The chocolate spread was love. You know how some places have ‘faux’ chocolate that is mostly sugar and chocolate flavouring? Not so here. The spread was rich and creamy with dark chocolate. And again, not too sweet and made just right. Wow.


For snacks, try these seriously addictive sweet potato fries. They’re like regular fries, but sweet. Dunk them in tomato sauce for a sweet-savoury mindblowing experience.

The service here is super friendly, true to their spirit of being a ‘neighborhood cafe’that aims to make patrons feel at home. I highly recommend this place for the food, ambience and the nice people running it. What are you waiting for? Go grab some crepes 🙂

Strangers at 47

47, Jalan 17/45

46400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Weekdays: 3pm – 10pm
Sat & Sun : 11am – 10pm (Kitchen closes from 3pm-6pm. Bar and desserts remains open.)
Closed on Tuesdays.

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  1. I love crepes! I can make pretty good ones myself. There’s a new crepe place called Cone’s in Finland. They stuff crepes with fruit and chocolate sauce. I can’t wait to try!

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