Week 5 Weigh In – 4.9 KG

Hey guys! It’s been five weeks since I started my Herbalife nutrition programme, and the results have been great! I lost 4.9kgs (10.8lbs!), and most importantly, I feel less lethargic and more energetic. I still get cravings for unhealthy food, but for the most part I’ve stuck to the programme as best as I can. It’s really satisfying to see the numbers and inches drop – it’s almost like you’re doing something to get your life back.

Here’s a before and after pic for comparison:


Taken on 21 Aug. Me on the far right with my mum and my coach Annie. My initial weight was 76.3kg, with a whopping 40.1 percent body fat. It was probably the unhealthiest moment of my life, and I knew I had to do something about it. As fate would have it, I stumbled across this club while at a totally unrelated assignment. Now I don’t wanna sound preachy, but I’m sharing because it has yielded results for me – I’m not sure about everyone else.

Starting weight on Aug 21: 76.3 kg – 40.1% body fat.

Weigh in on Aug 26: 75.1 kg – 39.9% body fat (-1.2kg)

Weigh in on Sept 1: 74.8 kg – 39.6% body fat (-0.3kg)

Weigh in on Sept 8: 73.5 kg – 38.9% body fat (-1.3kg)

Weigh in on Sept 22: 72.6 kg – 38.5% body fat (-0.9kg)

Weigh in on Sept 30: 71.4kg – 38.2% body fat (-1.2kg)

Total weight loss: 4.9 kg (-1.9% body fat). 

I guess the most noticeable part of my weight loss is the inches I have thrown from my waist. From an initial of 35.5 inches (yeah, that was how fat I was), I am now down to 32 – a loss of 3.5 inches. My visceral fat count went down from 8 to 7 (although still at unhealthy levels… I still have a lot to work on) and my inner body age from 49 to 47. That’s too whole years! Much work to be done until I can get my inner age back to my actual age .___.

I’m relieved that the meal replacements have been good for me, and that my gastric has somewhat lessened. I feel fuller now after having my replacement shakes for breakfast and dinner. My coach did warn me that at a certain point, my weight might plateau, so I’ll just have to put in more effort. I haven’t really been exercising as much as I should.

During my workout session today, I met another guy who was using Herbalife for approx the same period as me, but he only lost 1.5 kg because he said he wasn’t following the plan exactly. I guess it varies from person to person, depending on your age + metabolism, ur food intake and also how well u stick to the plan. It does take a certain amount of willpower, and I’m thankful for all the encouragement from the friends and family around me, especially my mum and my coaches.

Stay tuned for my next weigh in! My current target is to drop below 70 within the next two weeks.

Til next post!

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