Short Hair Don’t Care – A Saloon Alamanda Putrajaya


I’ve had long hair for a good couple of years now. I had short hair in high school, but as I went to college I got vainer, so I let it grow.

Something got into me the other day and I thought of doing a change. So I went to A-Saloon in Alamanda Shopping Center, Putrajaya, after work.


A-Saloon has branches all over Malaysia. The one at Alamanda is decorated with large, wide mirrors + red, silver, white and black accents. Wifi is provided and you can play with the iPads at each station while you wait. My stylist was a nice young lady with ash-coloured hair. I went for the wash + cut + colour treatment for RM198. And since it was all about a ‘new’ me (I’m trying to lose weight now!) I went for a bold move and said I wanted to cut my hair short.

She looked at me and said, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

“But it’s so long.”

“It’s fine, I want to lop it off”

“Hm… but are you really, really sure?”

“Lol just get it done and over with,” (Okay I didn’t say that, I nodded and smiled.)

So snip goes the scissors and buhbye hair. For the colour, I chose an auburn red, which really shows up under the sunlight but looks darker indoors. After the cut, I also opted for a RM60 scalp treatment thingy to remove excess oil and chemicals in the hair. The stuff was very minty and refreshing.


Since Putrajaya has a lot of Malay-Muslims, the saloon provides a special curtained area for Muslim women who want to cut their hair in private.


Tada! The end result. I’m actually really happy with it! My head feels much lighter, and guess what? I only spent a few minutes washing it as opposed to 15 mins


Right on cue, I won a friggin iPad Mini at my assignment that night. Redhead’s luck?

Since I don’t have a data plan, I’ve been treating it mostly like a gaming device/E-Book reader at home.

Anyway, I’m lovin’ the new hair. here’s to a healthier, more awesome me!


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