One Month Weigh In – 3.7kg

SO I promised you guys that I’d update on my weight loss progress after a month >:) It hasn’t been super fast, but there has been steady results and I’m happy for that!:)

To those who are new to this blog, I have been following a nutrition programme byHerbalife for the past month, which involves meal replacements with healthy shakes, controlled meal portions (without sacrificing on the nutrients needed) as well as exercise (although I admit I haven’t had much time in that department .___.) While in the process, of course, there are basic guidelines to follow. Things like staying away from fried foods, carbs, eating meals on time and drinking lots of water still applies. This is not a diet. Diets tend to crash and burn because when we starve ourselves, our body stores fat and our metabolism slows down, making it even more difficult to lose weight.

I have to admit that I allocated at least one cheat day for myself, because it was kind of a reward thing that I look forward to every week. I had to, or I’d go crazy. The first few days were the hardest, coz I was constantly dreaming of cheeseburgers and chocolate and fried food. But these days, the cravings aren’t so bad – I still get the need for McDo twice or more in a week, but they have gradually lessened.

Anyway, here are ze results:

Starting weight on Aug 21: 76.3 kg – 40.1% body fat.

Weigh in on Aug 26: 75.1 kg – 39.9% body fat (-1.2kg)

Weigh in on Sept 1: 74.8 kg – 39.6% body fat (-0.3kg) – very slight change, even though this was the week I stuck most to my routine. I was quite discouraged.

Weigh in on Sept 8: 73.5 kg – 38.9% body fat (-1.3kg) – I was very happy this week coz my visceral fat(the fat around your organs), which was a very unhealthy count of 8, dropped to 7. My inner age also dropped from 49 to 48. Yes, that’s a whole year, folks! I am also aware I have the body of an old woman, which is why I’m putting myself through this before I die of an early heart attack.

Weigh in on Sept 22: 72.6 kg – 38.5% body fat (-0.9kg) – I missed nearly two weeks in between weigh ins and the loss was smaller than I expected….. but I was cheating a lot during my trip to Kluang with the family. xD I was also happy this week because I lost two whole inches off my waist, and that’s no mean feat. No wonder my shorts felt looser on the waist. :3

Total weight loss: 3.7kg (-1.6% body fat). 

Yay! This in itself is an achievement for me, because in recent years I have been gaining so much weight and just ballooned bigger and bigger with no brakes due to stress eating and a sedentary lifestyle. Seeing myself make a change, stick to a plan and lose weight is an accomplishment, and I’m proud. It’s also satisfying to get up on the scale and see the numbers go down instead of up, knowing that you’re one step closer to a life filled with possibilities.

Since I met England, he has shown me that I have much to live for, and I realise that I love life very much. Especially if it’s to spend the rest of it with him.:) He’s my inspiration and encouragement. And I hope (since you’re reading this :P) that you’ll join me in this journey so that we’ll both be healthy and have a whole lifetime to spend together.❤ eeee mushy eh.

Wish me luck and courage in my weight loss and quest to be healthier! I’ll keep you guys posted on my next weight in.

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