Travelogue: Owl Museum, Penang Hill

While up at Penang Hill, we came across this attraction called the ‘Owl Museum’. Feeling really excited because I loved owls, E and I bought tickets (RM10 each) to enter… only to discover that the title was misleading and that they didn’t have real owls D:

It’s basically a collection of artwork, figurines and other art items featuring owls. To their credit, they try to make it interactive by handing visitors a ‘quiz form’, whereby you have to locate certain owls in the museum and answer questions. Some of the visitors were so gung-ho, going back and forth so that they could redeem a prize (you get one if you get all correct).

Penang 2014

Altho there are no real owls, the place does have lots of educational info on them. Like how owls can rotate their heads 270 degrees.

Penang 2014

Oh hai Hedwig

Penang 2014

Staring into your soul

Penang 2014

I tilted my head to look at these

Penang 2014

Penang 2014

Penang 2014

Penang 2014

Overall, it was an interesting place, but the exhibition space is quite small and the corridors were narrow. At some points, we had to walk in single file and could only pass by when people had moved on from the hallway: which means that if it were crowded, it would be very uncomfortable. Although there were no owls (I guess it’s kind of cruel to keep real owls in a museum), the items on display were cute and I wanted to take many home with me :3 Is RM10 worth it? If you’re already up in Penang Hill, I think you should give it a visit.


Til next post!


7 thoughts on “Travelogue: Owl Museum, Penang Hill

  1. Weird, I found my old review on the ‘Owlsome’ Owl Museum last night, and began preparing it for posting. I had a similar view to yours, except for my conclusion, because I thought it wasn’t worth the money even if you are up there! More like Owlful than Owlsome…

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