Driving in the Klang Valley

I have many online friends from other countries who know very little about Malaysia. Some of them can’t even pinpoint where we are (fyi we are a South East Asian country split into two – the Western peninsula is between Thailand and Singapore, while East Malaysia is below the Philippines.) I recently interviewed a few Chinese expatriates and students for an assignment and they said that most of their countrymen think Malaysians still live in trees… (seriously?)

Well to enlighten everyone on how an urban area in Malaysia looks like, here is my drive through the Klang Valley on Saturday! Klang Valley is the surrounding places around Kuala Lumpur, one of our capital cities. And since its Sat, the traffic is smooth. If I took this on a weekday, the song would have finished playing and I’d be stuck in the same spot on the highway….

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video! 🙂

Music: M83- Midnight City

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