Happy New Year

Right after writing my YearEnder for 2013 the night before, I went out for an assignment in KL. I parked my car in a residential area and walked to the house, and when I came back…

the side window had been broken! :))))

Lots of feelings ran through me as I stared at my car’s back window. The first emotion was anger, because that’s MY friggin car and I really didn’t need the extra cost of fixing it when finances are so tight.

The second emotion was fear, as I looked around to see if there was anyone around ready to rob me of stuff.

It wasn’t broken in like that at first, but the radius of the break started at a point which I’m pretty sure someone knocked with the butt of a hard object. When I gently opened my door, the glass crashed into the inside of my car.

I haven’t kept any valuables in my car, except some files and press releases from work. So in the end I called my dad up and he told me to drive to the workshop. The cost of repair wasn’t high, but that’s not the point here.

I’ve always known Malaysia’s  crime rate is going through the roof, and it’s expected to get worse with rising costs of living. People are desperate, crime is rampant, the law is either useless or ineffective at dealing with such cases. Every other day there is a snatch theft, or a robbery, or a smash and grab. I’ve read it in the papers, heard of it from friends/family, and now it has happened to me. I’m just thankful nothing bad happened and that I didn’t have to confront those bastards.

I don’t even go out so late at night anymore, and when I do have to stay long in a public place (like when I’m pumping petrol) I constantly eye nearby objects and run them through a scenario in my head where I can use it as a weapon. That’s how bad my paranoia is (and undoubtedly it will be even more heightened now! lol).

Thing is, I just don’t even know anymore. This used to be a country that was safer to walk on the streets. Now, not only is making a living difficult, citizens have to worry about whether or not they will be mugged when they go out to buy groceries.

Malaysia, what has happened to you?

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