Christmas Eve 2013

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but it’s hard not to get sucked into the holiday mood when everyone else is taking days off and there is a general atmosphere of cheer in the air. Some time last year I was spending Christmas eve with my college friends. This year, I went out with some friends from high school instead. It’s amazing but I just realised we’ve all known each other for TEN years. That’s a friggin’ decade, and it’s not easy to keep in touch after such a long time.

And I feel old lol.

There was myself, Carmen, Simon and Celine. We went to SetiaWalk Puchong, which is one of my favourite hangout spots since it has lots of chic cafes and bars. The bars were packed to the brim even as early as 10pm. We had a hard time finding a spot to chill, so we ended up at a coffee house instead. I’ve been here with Celine and Grace before, the drinks are good and there are board games to play. To pass the time, we played Trick Scrabble. It’s been such a long time since I touched a Scrabble board. I miss it. Funnily enough, I still remember how many tiles each alphabet has. I used to play for my district and nearly made it to national level, so I won’t say I’m too shabby. I’m kind of rusty though.

Picture taken at Fullhaos before we proceeded to Caffeine, coz Celine was having dinner here before we met up.

Ice-blended chocolate and ice-blended vanilla. I had the right one. It was good! Not too sweet, with a strong vanilla taste (you know how some places serve iceblended vanilla that tastes like milk. bleh) and a smooth, creamy texture without too much ice.

Refusing to give up because I had a seven letter word (which would earn the player additional 50 points!) but didn’t have anywhere I could put it lol.

At the stroke of midnight the cheers and the poppers went off as we ushered in Christmas. IMO, Christmas has lost it’s meaning among youths though. Most people just find it as an excuse to party and drink til they’re hungover the next day lol.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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