December Noms and Christmas Prezzies

I’ve officially started my week long vacation! I really need one coz work is stressing me out. 😡


Yumcha session with Carmen and Simon at Setiawalk. The Starbucks girl decided to creatively re-spell Carmen’s name..she must have been thinking along Egyptian lines (see what I did there. So lame.)



Kinder is about 3 months old now. He’s lost most of the baby fat he had when he was six weeks, is much leaner and a lot more naughtier now. Very active, I don’t even know how to handle him. He nipped my toe til I bled the other day. I bought him a chew toy but he didn’t like it and has been biting newspapers. Almost at my wit’s end. But then he gives you this face and you can’t stay mad at him.


Christmas prezzies! Got this in the mail the other day from Liv in Bandung. :3


A pair of flats! I love them. They fit perfectly and their snug, I wore them the next day without waiting for Christmas 😛I’m kind of surprised she remembers my shoe size though.

Merry Christmas!


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