Editorial Year End Party

So it’s December and every year, our Editorial team has a themed party at some hotel or other. This year, we were supposed to go in traditional clothes. Now I know my ethnic traditional costume is supposed to be a cheongsam, but I’ve never worn one in my life. Most Malaysian Chinese don’t bother with traditional clothes, unlike Malays and Indians who always have at least one pair of Baju Kurung or saree. I wanted to get one at a nearby shop, but the service there was SO BAD that I went and got a baju kurung instead.

To those who aren’t familiar with Malaysian local costumes, a baju kurung is a traditional Malay dress and consists of two pieces – the skirt (kain) and the long top, which usually has a small V-neck slit with a button. Fancier ones will be embroidered, like the one I got. They come in all colours and styles.


I haven’t worn one since my high school days, where it was part of the uniform. I liked wearing the kurung at school coz the other uniform (the pinafore) was fugly as hell.

We had a buffet dinner and then exchanged gifts for our secret Santa. It was fun, most of the guys were drunk and some got really loud and rowdy. I think we got blacklisted from the hotel in future events lol. Anyway, Brenda gave me a collection of Sephora bath capsules, which came in rainbow colours and had different fragances like green tea for green and mango for yellow. Sounds yummy enuff to eat.


The food! It was pretty good, but limited. I got some random appetisers and mains mixed together. There was seared tuna, some curried fish and mutton, sambal sotong, papadom (crunchy crackers) and taco. The right was grilled clams of some kind, which looked yucky (they resemble worms) but tasted so good. I like chewy things, so I love shellfish and things like squid. Pedro said its one of the ‘most disgusting things he’s ever seen’. lol

There was also a lucky draw, and the grand prize winner got an Ipad. Second prize got a resort getaway to Damai Laut (gasp!). Me… I got a bag of shampoo and stuff. Well, it was better than nothing.




The December babies had a cake to cut. 🙂

20131206_221131-tile 20131206_221638-tile

Yas and I taking a selfie before the night ended.

Well, it was fun to let our hair down outside of work. Til next post! 🙂



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