Game Over

You know what they say about jinxing things when you say them out loud? I kind of believed that. Maybe it’s karma. But yeah, my (now ex) boyfriend broke up with me last night.

Fell asleep at 6am today. Then I had to wake up at 8am for work.

Was supposed to go for an assignment, but decided to fuck it and go into the office instead. Left work early coz I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Hid in the toilet and cried coz I didn’t want colleagues to ask me why I had tears practically leaking out of my eyes. ;___;

It’s evening now and I just finished preparing notes for tomoro. Gonna start a new part-time job lecturing kids. Feeling slightly better now that I’ve stuffed myself with food.

Do I feel sad? Yes, the knee-jerk reaction was to bawl my eyes out. I thought of making it work, I really did. But he said LDR was too hard. Now I just feel kinda.. hollow.



I think I need that doughnut fix now.

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