30 Day Challenge – Day 20

Is it Day 20 already? wow. 10 more days til completion! Can’t believe I’ve been at it faithfully for 20 days. Sure, I missed a couple of days here and there but I always made up for it by doing two or three in a day. Anyway.

Concerts I have attended. 

I was a big fan of gigs and music concerts when I was with my ex. So I dragged him along to gigs by local bands and indie festivals. But my first major concert was Tokio Hotel back in 2009.

Credit: just.yoga 

The experience was interesting, to say the least. I was a huge fan of TH in my Diploma days (fangirl-dom, ha!). Lined up at the venue since morning armed with an umbrella to protect from the blazing sun. It started raining around evening, and we were stuck for two hours in the cold til they finally came out to perform. Dayum it was worth it. They can really perform well live. The problem with Malaysian crowds is that they’re not very responsive, so only me and CK were jumping like crazy. A couple of other teenagers nearby told us “Dude, you really look like you’re enjoying yourself.” Well of course. It was my first concert. Derp.

credit: Carlos Nizam, Flickr

I went for The Cranberries live last year, with my designer, Joey, back at the mag I used to work for. She got free tix, and I grew up listening to this legendary band so it was perfect. The crowd knew every song off by heart, so it was like a giant sing-along. Dolores-O-Riordan can really belt it even at 40 plus (and she looks hot to boot). It was also the first time I was in such a big stadium.

Other than that, I’ve been to smaller scale ones like Urbanscapes (featuring Yuna), gigs at The Bee by Free Deserters, The Metaphor and OJLaw, Hidden Sessions Vol.4 at The Actors Studio @Lot 10, and a couple more local stuff. I haven’t had time (or people who are interested) to go to gigs with me so far. ;w; It’s been ages since my last concert.

Til next post!

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