30 Day Challenge – Day 18

Day 18 – Name the TV show you have become addicted to. 

Hey guys! I’ve missed a couple of challenge days. Been super busy 😡 So I’m catching up on the challenges now. But yeah. Favourite TV show!

I haven’t watched TV shows since I got my laptop: I basically watch everything on the Internet. But as far as TV shows go, one of my favourites is Running Man. It’s a popular South Korean variety show that’s not only highly rated in their home country, but most parts of East Asia and South East Asia as well. Comprising seven regular members (with frequent guest appearances), the team goes through various challenges based on set themes, in an Amazing Race-esque + gameshow setting. They play different types of games, overcome hurdles and complete tasks at different checkpoints.

One part of what makes Running Man so charming is the quirkiness of all it’s members. As they are the main characters each time, the audience develops a bond and root for their favourites (I really like Gary!). Each personality has their own uniqueness when it comes to solving challenges and games, it’s kind of like a ‘class’ thing in an MMORPG lol. Most of the jokes are also hilariously funny.

I was so addicted to it back when I was studying in England that I used to spend days in my room just watching episodes in my room, only leaving to the kitchen to grab food. And it wasn’t uncommon to hear Josephine (my housemate) laughing at 3am from the room next door coz all of us were avid Running Man fans.

Another awesome point? I’ve picked up a few South Korean phrases just from watching them. Now I know things like pabo, otoke, pali, namja, yoja, araso and such. 😛


The seven Running Men (and one woman!) (From left): ‘Impala’ Ji Suk Jin, ‘Giraffe’ Lee Gwangsoo, ‘Sparta Kookie’ Kim Jong Kook,j ‘Ace’ Song JiHyo, ‘Grasshopper’ Yoo Jae Suk, Song Joong Ki, Kang Gary and Haha. They’re all hilariously quirky and lovable. Phsyically, Jong Kook and Gary are pretty strong, but Gary is blur when it comes to solving puzzles. He often wins by sheer luck. GwangSoo and SukJin are seen as weak, but they have their moments as well. Jae Suk is a pretty well-rounded player, with brains and stamina, while JiHyo is one of the smartest in the group, as is HaHa who is street smart and cunning.

Interested? Here’s a snippet from one of the episodes.

Be forewarned that once you delve into the world of Running Man, you might not be able to get out!

I wasn’t a fan until one of my friends convinced me to watch it. From then on there was no turning back lol. Hours and hours just watching and laughing like crazy.

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