30 Day Challenge – Day 17

What do you want to be when you’re older? 


I turned 23 two days ago, and I have no idea how to answer this question.

My best friend gave birth on September 2 to a cute baby boy. They named him Max (short for Maximilian) and it feels funny to be a godmom, and that your bestie already has a baby. It seemed only yesterday we were two high school kids joining the Comic Club, painting murals together on school walls for projects and checking out cute guys at the mall.

My other long time friend of ten years is already earning twice as much as I am, doing part time work planning for her business set-up, scouting around for homes to invest in (she dragged me along to Semenyih to view some semi-Ds).

My best guy friend is in the States. He recently got his working visa to stay. He’ll most probably settle down in Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, here I am, slogging away at two jobs (I recently took up teaching college kids), saving up for travelling (I’m saving up so that I can go backpacking for a year somewhere), paying for my car loan for the next five years, staying at my parents.


Of course I have no fucking idea what I want to be when I’m older. 

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