30 Day Challenge – Day 10

If you could live off of one food and one beverage for the rest of your days, what would they be? 

Now this is a toughie. I love food, and I like all kinds of food. Can’t imagine just living off one kind of food.. unless if it’s… buttermilk squid. 

Image credit: recipesbnb.com

Yeap. Leave it to me to choose an unhealthy, deep-fried food to stuff myself with for the rest of my life. Buttermilk battered squid is a dish that has been my ultimate favourite for every birthday party since I was a kid. I absolutely adore the crunchy taste of the salty, slightly sweetish batter, coupled with the chewy texture of fresh squid. Dip that in mayonnaise or chili sauce or cheese, and wallah ! Perfection. wipes drool gawd I’m so hungry nao. I could eat this for every meal, but that would mean I’d have a super short life span. Probably a few years from all those clogged arteries and high levels of cholesterol. 😛

For drinks, I can’t do without the Ice-Blended Matcha Green Tea.. either from Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Sugary, calorie-laden topped with whipped cream in the guise of ‘healthy’ green tea.. woot. I love how smooth and creamy the blend is, and that unique green-tea taste. Apparently not everyone likes the taste of green tea, as a colleague of mine pointed out. 😡 But I have to have my fix at least once a week.

There you have it. One food and drink that I can feed off on the rest of my life. Of course, grilled cheese sandwiches, vanilla milkshakes, mom’s ginger chicken, pepper pork stomach soup, roast duck and all of that are strong contenders too… wipes drool

Til next post!

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