Diary Food

An English Boy in KL – Day 6

August 18 was our second last day together. He would be taking the first plane back to Hong Kong at 9am on August 20. 😦 I missed him already even though he was just next to me lol. We were both tired from travelling the whole week and I had work the next day, so decided to just chill at the local mall. Had brunch at Little Taiwan.


(Left) Cream oolong tea and his Hawaii tea. Drinks weren’t anything to shout about. The waiting time here is super long – I think they actually forgot my order coz it took them 40 minutes and I had to remind the staff several times. The food is so-so. Don’t think I’ll come back here again.


“Taiwanese burger”. Which is basically a slab of basted pork (good mix of lean and fat) topped with pickled vegetables and sandwiched in between a warm, fluffy mantou (Chinese bun). It was good – very juicy, the meat was tender and the bun soft. I had to take care while biting so that the juices didn’t spurt all over the place. The only regret is the size, but at less than RM5 per pop, you get what you pay for. 😡

Again, serving time was super long. I was full just waiting for it to come.

We then went for karaoke.. where they served us more food. O_O I didn’t know it was complimentary: two half-boiled eggs each and three slices of grilled cheese sandwiches. Hot damn it was so good. Belted out tunes for four hours, and the bill came to only RM50 for the both of us. Which is mad cheap for T, coz he went “Is that it???”

Had dinner at my place, where we sat with my fam and watched Dog Whisperer lolol. He told me stories about Bobo (his 12-year old Bichon Frise). I saw her while Skyping with T once, the little fat thing.

He looked at my staircase (I used to sit there and Stickam) and said “I know this place,” with a smirk. Yeap, you’re visiting it for real now. ha


Cuddled late into the night and didn’t want to leave. Was also feeling super lazy to go back to work after a week of fun. I guess all good things come to an end. :c

I just want to write this down coz I’m afraid I’ll forget it over time, so bear with me if it’s too mushy or if you have gag reflex, skip it.

T never tells me he loves me. And sometimes he says stupid shit like I’m not his girlfriend (seriously wtf). But things he do (and say, sometimes) show that he cares. Recently, for example, we were discussing personality types and he asked me about my ex lol so random. I told him my ex was a good guy (well, he was. being honest) and he asked why we broke up in the first place.

I didn’t wanna tell him coz it’s super ironic. The main reason I broke up with CK was coz after five years of dating, I needed something more. A pledge, or at least his word to commitment. I know most feelings fade after time, but I didn’t want to be the one who up and left. I’m sure most of our parents sometimes feel the spark has gone out of their marriage – doesn’t mean they go and get a divorce everytime they feel like it. A relationship is about love, and then your determination to make a relationship work.

With T it’s the exact opposite. He has NO sense of responsibility whatsoever, he hates commitments, and he never looks beyond what’s for dinner. Even coming to Malaysia was a completely random thing, he sorted out his luggage problem 10 minutes BEFORE THE FLIGHT, and he completely left everything to me – hotel booking, accommodation, transport.

Which is why I never asked him THAT question. I know I wouldn’t like the answer. -__- With him it’s just a go-with-the-flow kind of thing. Maybe later I’ll go full INTJ on him, but not now. I also noticed that he relaxes more and does things I want him to do without me prompting him… when I leave him alone. It just takes time and patience.

But anyway, since he kept prodding me, I told him.

T: Did you ask about marriage?

Me: Well, Yeah. We had been dating for five years, isn’t it only natural?

And he cheekily asked, “Why aren’t you asking me about marriage?”

… that made my heart skip a beat, coz he was inadvertently ‘claiming’ me as his. So I didn’t know what to say. But then he had to ruin it by adding “Probably coz you know I’ll laugh in your face anyway.” -_- ass

Monday blues again tomorrow. Been getting lots of news assignments and frankly, I need a break with a nice event or feature piece. toodle-o.

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