Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Day 3 of the BBC’s visit to KL!

Took him to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. Haven’t been back here since 2000. Unlike Genting which was a huge disappointment when I visited in July, SL has been regularly maintained with new attractions, such as the Scream Park and added rides in their wet park.

The place was crowded with people as it was a school holiday, but the line was quick.

They used to have separate prices for wet park and dry park, but now it’s all-in-one price. Quite hefty at RM120 per person. Made a beeline for the wet park as soon as we got there. Threw all our stuff in the locker – it had this cool tag system where you have to scan a barcode from your wrist tag and the locker pops open. Since we didn’t wanna get our smartphones and shit wet, we left them so no pictures. D:



Went on the Vuvuzela (pic above) twice. IT. WAS. FRICKING. AWESOME. Four or five people in a round tube, gushing down a tunnel and into a huge vortex-like structure that rocks you back and forth with a waterfall at the end, so you’ll be completely soaked.

Most of the water rides are nice, but some have really long lines. We also went to the surf beach, where they have artificial waves. Spent quite some time in there soaking til we were like prunes. T tried to teach me how to swim. I nearly drowned.


Then it was on to the ‘dry’ park! Some of the noteworthy rides are the pirate ship, which goes 360 degrees; as well as the Tomahawk which is, like it’s name, two swinging things that rotate in a full circle. My brain hurt after going on the tea cups.

Also went into the Scream Park, which is the haunted house attraction. It’s actually pretty good – they have ‘themed’ sections like the World War Z where zombies pop out at you. Funny thing is I was walking at the back with my ears closed all the time and the ghosts kept popping up to scare the people in front, so I wasn’t actually scared by any sudden appearances lol. *Why you should never go first in a haunted house*. The set-up is elaborate; I particularly liked the ‘spinning tunnel’ that you have to go through at one point, which is like something out of a sci-fi movie.

We also went to the mini zoo. The panther is totally ignoring him.


There was something wrong with the croc on the left. It looked… flat. Like something squashed it.




Last ride of the day before closing time! I didn’t go on this coz my head was already spinnin’ by that time.

Went back to hotel, showered and then dinner with parents. They insisted on buying him food so we went to this Nyonya restaurant nearby. It was super funny coz he couldn’t understand my parents Manglish and my parents couldn’t understand his British accent. He was so polite to them.. which was also funny coz he’s super mean to me sometimes. Ass -__-


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