30 Day Challenge Day 2 – Likes & Dislikes

Hi! It’s Day 2 of the 30 Day Challenge. So far so good. (?)

Today I’m supposed to list down 10 Likes and dislikes.

….Being the pessimist that I am, I think I have more dislikes than likes lol.  Here goes.


1. Cold weather. Or more like, snuggling into warm covers in cold weather.

2. Finding a good book in the second hand book store. It’s like discovering hidden treasure in a sunken ship.

3. Food. I worship food.

4. Chill music while driving back on a cool night in smooth traffic.

5. Travelling to faraway places alone. Admiring how beautiful the world can be.

6. Beanies. I have eight.

7. Sunset by the beach.

8. Spending time with loved ones.

9. Rollercoaster rides. The scarier the better.

10. Flea markets. You never know what you’ll find!


1. Socialising with new people. I’m a very private person. It’s funny coz my job needs me to socialise a lot. It’s pretty tiring.. might consider a job change soon. 😡

2. Mean people. Do not understand why some people have to make life difficult for others.

3. Office politics.

4. Backstabbers.

5. Having to work like a slave. It’s a culture in most Asian countries to work late and have no work-life balance. Had that at my old place and I completely. Hated. It.

6. Eggplants.

7. Sudden loud noises.

8. People who say ‘Why don’t you talk much?’ I always want to retort “Why do you talk so much?”

9. Mopping the floor.

10. Pesky people. NO MEANS NO. Don’t ask me twice.

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