30 Day Challenge Day 1

Hi people! Did you miss me? 😀

I’m back after a week of inactivity online. Was busy playing tour guide to T, who was visiting from UK before flying back to Hong Kong for work. We’re spending our last night together today.

This past week has felt like a dream.

A really short-lived dream D:

All  good things come to an end, I guess.

We never really went official coz of the whole ‘we’ve never met-up and hung-out before’ thing, even though we’ve known each other since the very early days of Stickam (back in 2011), but now, I guess it is. Kinda.

I still don’t really know if it’s gonna work out, mind. But meh, no point worrying too much. What will be, will be?


To make up for the lost blogging time, I’ve decided to do a 30-day challenge, which I saw on SFoxWriting’s blog. I’ve always failed at doing these challenge thingies, so let’s see how long I’ll last this time. 😡

In a way it’s good coz I’m lazy to think up topics, ha.


1. I am guilty of being the Asian-who-takes-a-picture-before-every-meal. Friends who go out for food with me know that they have to wait before digging in coz I’ll be whipping out my camera first.

2. I have obsessive-compulsive-book-buying-disorder. My mini library is filled with books I have never read, and I keep adding more. To the point that the library has started spilling over to ‘under-my-bed’.

3. I dislike loud noises, but I like watching horror movies. This means that I will be the one in the cinema with eyes wide-open and ears covered.

4. I think snakes are adorable.

5. I am pretty chill most of the time. I come across as sleepy or stoned. It’s an advantage coz people think you’re not listening. *evil laugh*.

Well, that’s it for Day 1 then. More tomorrow!

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