Shots of August

As of now, I’m running this blog on a trial basis, ie I’m gonna start blogging here. If all goes well then I shall migrate over to WordPress!

I think I’ve learned a thing or two about blogging over the years. I was going through my old posts back when I was 19 and my initial reaction was holyshit, I sounded so… juvenile. D: These days I find that I filter stuff more, I don’t just put up like 1,000 selfies that don’t even look good.. or pictures of… cabbage, for instance. (Yes, I put random shyt like that up in my old blog.)

But that also means I’m much more critical of the content that I upload. 😡 It kind of comes naturally to me, seeing as how I already filter all sorts of stuff at work (I’m a journalist). We’re what people call the ‘gatekeepers’.

That makes us sound really cool.



While everyone was having a great time with their Hari Raya (Eid) holidays, I slaved away in the office looking for stories. ;__; Now I’m finally getting rest for a whole week…..

Not really, coz I have to bring Tom around. He’s arriving at the airport tomorrow. I’m really nervous.  We did meet up the last time for about.. five hours. Coz he was transitting at KL while flying back to UK. This time he’ll be staying for six days.


What’s been happening this month? I got the chance to meet two big Chinese superstars: Gigi Leung and Angelica Lee. Gigi is a HK darling and she’s really tall, well-deserving of her nickname ‘Gou Mui’ (tall girl). Angelica Lee is Malaysian and is famous for her breakthrough role in the critically-acclaimed horror film The Eye (it was so good Murica’ made a remake. And you know shit is real when Hollywood rips people off). They were launching a new home for urban poor children in KL (pic above is a mural they made together with the home’s children.)

I did not manage to get any pictures with them. Reasons:

1) I was too starstruck. *u*

2) They are super pretty. Like for real. And I would look super fugly if I stood next to them.

3) I am no match for seasoned paparazzi photographers who have no qualms about elbowing you in the face if you get in their way of a good shot. I am not kidding.


Other happenings include the BOOKFEST@MALAYSIA 2013, which is an annual affair featuring various books at cheaper prices.

Drove down to the city. KL actually looks really good on a clear day.


Also been stuffing myself with a lot of food lately. It hasn’t been kind on my waistline, but meh. Doughnuts ftw


Took mum for Japanese food@Ichiban Ramen, Sunway Pyramid. It’s one of my favourite Japanese restaurants.

It took me a lot of pleading because she doesn’t believe in eating at what she dubs ‘classy’ restaurants.

Personally I didn’t think it was super high end or anything, it’s just slightly pricier. She wasn’t even the one paying. But yeah, there you have it. Asian moms are always thinking about the pocket.


The udon was slightly overcooked this time. 😡 They came with a small smattering of seaweed. The soup was flavourful enough. Somehow I felt like it was a bit of a disappointment as the food wasn’t as good as last time. The ebi was the saving grace; crunchy and came in a big portion, unlike Sushi King’s miniscule versions that are mostly batter and no shrimp.


Another random find was at the newly operating night market in Bazaar Rakyat Seri Kembangan, where I attended an event. Lots of street food like curry fishballs, stinky tofu (to date, I have yet to gather enough guts to eat this), deep fried chicken skin andchar kuey teow. I got nougat from this auntie who learnt to make it from Australia, coz my mum loves nougat. I ended up eating half a box because it was SO GOOD. Chewy and not too sweet. I especially loved the green tea flavoured ones.


Gonna get some early shut eye. Have to pick Tom up at KLIA tomorrow. I hope I can sleep tonight. 😀 Toodles!


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