Nah. Not in that sense. Although if I could migrate somewhere, it would probably be England. I love it there.

I love Malaysia too but hey, talking about the what-ifs.

I am considering if I should move my Blogspot to WordPress. Handling a couple of blogs at a time can be tiring when you have to keep them updated (even if nobody’s reading them!). Especially if you’re already doing so much writing at work you can’t be arsed to write anything in your free time.

If you’re like me, you just want to stuff your face with something deep fried and smothered in chocolate when you come back from work. Or sit naked on bed reading hippie novels all day.

But I digress.

I’ve been blogging on Blogspot since I was 17, moved my blogs a couple of times. I’ve had the most recent one for a year and transferred all my old material over. Unlike Xanga, which has a very tight-knit community, Blogger is a very ‘open’ space. People rarely ‘Follow’ or ‘Comment’, (unless if you’re a top blogger, of course), and I can’t browse for stuff like I can do on WordPress. Not to mention that Blogger has ugleh layouts. 😡

WordPress, on the other hand, has GREAT layouts, attractive design, a fairly active community who actually bothers to like and/or comment on your entries, and the stuff posted is much more ‘intellectual’ compared to crap you find on blogspot sometimes.

The only other problem I have with WordPress is SPACE. I take a crapload of photos, and if I start making this my main blog, it’s going to be a real problem when I run out of the alloted space (Only 3,000MB wtf).

On Blogspot I could still ‘cheat’ my way after exceeding the quota by resizing all my photos to 800 x 600 (apparently it doesn’t count  towards your quota.. and the photos still look decent) so.. yeah.

Decisions, decisions. Any suggestions?


Author: Luna

Bibliophile/foodie. Drop me a line at erisgoesto@gmail.com

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