It’s a public holiday today! In fact, most of my peeps are enjoying a long weekend off, seeing as how Hari Raya (or Eid-al-Fitr) falls on Thursday and stretches away til Sunday.

But meh. There are no such things as regular offdays for a journalist. The most one can hope for is to get off work earlier than usual. The office is pretty quiet compared to usual Fridays.

(Did I mention I hate Fridays? Coz we have our weekly editorial meetings and I always feel like someone brained me after)


It’s 6pm and I’m basically done with work. Except my editor asked me to do some last minute website stuff, which requires the help of the artist. Now I know they’re very busy people, but I handed it to him at 4.30pm. ;___; And I had plans for the night, so this really ruined it.


Even in college, I disliked working in a group, coz you always had to wait for people to finish up shit.

Andddd this is why I like working alone.