Diary Writing

Crank Pot.

I’ve been really cranky lately.

I just can’t put my finger on what’s making me cranky. I explode at people over the slightest things. And no, it’s not that time of the month.

I was supposed to go for an art festival yesterday. Moo and Cy decided to tag along so I drove.

Since I didn’t know the place, I referred to my Google Maps while driving.

Yes, it was probably a little dangerous, but I’ve always done that coz I couldn’t be bothered to figure out how Waze works.

Moo had a fit in the car about how I was putting everyone’s lives at risk. She went on for the entire time I was driving, I couldn’t even concentrate and missed the turning twice.

So in the end I told her that we were going home. And that the past two hours was for fk all.

She shut up.

I understood her concern, but hasn’t anyone heard of not disturbing the driver when they’re driving? She could’ve saved all her sentiments for when we were there.

Just one of the things that completely ruined my mood yesterday.

I crave for something deep fried and smothered in unhealthiness nao. Like a KFC Cheesy Zinger burger.


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