Manic Mondays and that Kinda Shit

Monday is my least favourite day of the week. It’s when I have to install THREE alarms with screamo music to ring in succession, drag my ass off my nest of cozy blankets and down enough caffeine to kill an elephant, before I can drive to work.
Welcome to Manic Mondays.
After a long luxurious weekend of just lying on the couch, flipping through TV channels with a steady supply of potato chips and Coke, and 8 hour sessions of continuous gaming, getting back to work is no mean feat. You walk into the office feeling like a fat slug, literally oozing across the floor to slide into your chair.
Surprisingly, I got quite a lot of work done today. Later that night, the all girls troupe of the production team had a brainstorming session at Dome Cafe. It serves good seafood linguini and excellent coffee topped with sweet crunchy bits of honeycomb bars. Omnoming aside, discussing about our new magazine went pretty well, but now I have a shitload of things to rush before I actually leave this place. Reached home at midnight. Feeling sleepy even though I dunked a tall glass of coffee. Caffeine for me now officially induces sleep.
Say hello to the panda-eyes-pimple-faced-mutha.
Note: This entry makes no sense, because I always write the shittiest nonsense whenever I’m tired.
Note 2: I need a caffeine drink that can knock out giraffes.

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