Looking Into the Sun

His hand was dangling just inches from mine, his nose pressed to the glass like a little boy at a toy shop. Suddenly I was painfully aware of the heat radiating from me, from him; painfully aware that my heart was pounding so loudly I could feel it in my ears; painfully aware that if I moved my hand just a little, our hands would touch. I did not dare to look into that pair of crinkly, half moon eyes; could not help but drop my own eyes for fear that looking into them would reveal my secret. I was falling for everything – His lopsided dimpled smile, his wheezy laughter, his lame jokes, his pompous righteousness, every little quirk.  I fell in love the way you fell asleep : slowly, then all at once. Looking at him was like looking into the sun; stare too long and it would scorch me.

Like John Green said, if people were rain… I was drizzle, he was a hurricane.

Note: More writing. Fuck yeah the mood is coming back to me. 😀 Though right now, I feel like I’m on mushrooms. Been a long day, everything’s swimming in front of me.
Note 2: I refuse to go to sleep.

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