Karma’s a Bitch; So Am I

So I just read that my ex broke up with his current girlfriend. Yeah, the one that he turned around and had a relationship with right after telling me LDR didn’t work. Considering the fact that they were in an LDR too, I’d say that’s pretty fucking hypocritical, non? I know it isn’t a good thing to feel good about this but I say fahk all that shyt and enjoy the moment basking in vindictive glory mwahahaha. >:3 It’s actually taking all my effort not to thumb my nose at him and say hey, I told ya so. The best part is, she’s doing to him exactly what HE did to me.
“The first time she broke up with me, I was in tears and begged for her back. This time, I just feel cold and empty inside. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. I convinced myself that I was just being insecure and paranoid. I guess I shouldn’t have blinded myself so badly. 
Tears? I fucking cried the Niagara Falls over a course of six months. I begged for you back like nobody’s business. Now I look back and wonder what the fuck possessed me to act like that over some guy who didn’t even want me in their life. That cold, empty feeling? Yeah, sure, happens to everyone when you’ve been dumped. Welcome to the club.
“It sounds stupid coming from me, but I’m a good guy (HAHAHA WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY, TOTAL BS), we’re hard to find nowadays. There’s no point to begging you to stay if you don’t appreciate me (well there’s the shocker). I’m tired of begging you to stay with me. (You don’t say? Just took me long enough to realise it). Relationships are two way, not one.” 
If you WERE a good guy in the first place, you wouldn’t have led me on, and then smashed me to little powdery pieces. If you WERE a good guy you wouldn’t have given me hope after we broke up, like you still liked me and wanted me back, and then smashed me down a second time. My feelings aren’t your effing Lego set. Now don’t sit there and tell me hypocritical shyt like you’re some holy angel, Mr. Nice Guy who lets the ‘love of his life’ go so that she’ll have a happy ever after with the next guy in line. Because you’re one of the most selfish people I’ve ever met. Don’t go around preaching like you’re otherwise. I’m a bitch to people I don’t like, and IDGAF what other people think. But at least I’m not hiding the fact that I’m a bitch. Unlike you.

When you banned me, freaking DELETED me from your life because you thought ‘exes can’t even be friends’, that was the last straw. I really appreciate friendships, and when you did that, I just knew I will never talk to you again.

So congrats. Congratulations on being the one that fucked up my life most, apart from Kyle. But at least Kyle and I are friends now. You and me, I don’t think we’d ever be friends. I imagine that this is some kind of retribution, that your (now ex) girlfriend is doing what you did to me. Hell no hath like a woman scorned. Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it? Well, so am I. Deal with it.

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