Miscellaneous Happenings

1) It’s my second month at work. So far so good. Started off bumpy but as I adjusted to stuff it’s been pretty fun. I’ve learned a lot of things here, even though it’s a small company. And then there are other perks… *see (3).

2) I sheared a lot of my hair off. That makes me sound like I’m some kind of sheep wtf. 
It’s kinda a ritual for girls to cut off their hair after getting their hearts broken. So when he broke mine.. no, shattered it into tiny little pieces and stomped them into a fine powder, it was time for a radical change. Yes, there was a half year interval between breaking up and this. Idk, I just woke up one day and realized I wasn’t gonna be sad over someone like him anymore. You’re a fucking hypocrite for saying LDR was the reason we couldn’t work out, and then turning around and having an LDR with someone else. Like, at least fucking be honest that you didn’t like me enough. I deserve honesty at the least. And despite that fact, I was ready to be friends, but you had to go and severe all ties with me. Do you know how fucking pissed that made me feel? Because I’m still feeling pissed. Well welcome to my list of ‘People I don’t talk to anymore’. I hope you look back one day with regrets, because I would have made your world awesome. But then again you didn’t deserve my awesomeness anyway. Suck that. Go eat yourself.

3) Moving on.. I have an uber cute colleague. Cute and considerably nice like wtf where do you find people like that anymore. Because cute guys are usually mean/playahs bahaha no offense, it’s just that the people I met are.

But he probably thinks I’m retarded because I’ve managed to fuck up every single time I’m around him. Like bang into someone’s car while he was in the passenger seat. *Oh God Why face. Idk, my scumbag brain seems to deliberately enjoy fucking me up everytime I’m around him. Foot in mouth syndrome.

4) Referring to *3 above, I knocked into someone’s car the other day. Yes, confirming Asian women driver stereotypes. So most of my first month salary went into repairs wtf.

5) I have developed a deep obsession with Justin Nozuka.

6) I’m going off for my big adventure to the UK on the 9th of June. Alone on the plane. Pretty scary prospect.

7) I gained 5 kgs since Chinese New Year. Nah just kidding. Maybe just 2.

8) I love my Stickam friends. They’re a really cool bunch. But I miss talking to my Pinoy biatch. It’s not fun when he’s not around. haa!

9) More to come when I think of more nonsense to say.

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