Be My Valentine’s

Close your eyes,
Breathe me in,
The essence of a dream
And capture this moment divine.

Note: Caution – Might be offending to non-singles and singles alike. 

Whenever there’s a Day around the corner, everyone gets caught up in the hype. Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day. Teacher’s Day. Let’s-Celebrate-Just-For the Sake of Celebrating Day.

It’s more like a Day To Charge Dumb Fools Exorbitant Prices On Chocolates, Flowers and Cutesy Shyt Day. I don’t really get why people actually need to buy flowers for girls. Sure, they’re pretty and all the first few days. But why pay a few hundred ringgit for that expensive rose bouquet if they’re gonna die in less than a week? You might as well spend that dough on taking your chick up to Cameron Highlands and letting her look at roses there instead. My colleague mentioned that her dad used to work at a flower nursery. “You won’t believe the amount of fertilizer they put on roses and stuff.” So you’re literally, paying to smell that shit.

Valentine’s is also a day to drag your significant other to go watch some sappy chick flick and/or sobby tearjerker, before proceeding to candlelight dinner at some fancy Italian restaurant, where a glass of Sky Juice is $5.00. I bet there’s a whole nation of married men/boyfriends out there weeping over their bleeding wallets today.

What I’m trying to say is, while Valentine’s used to be a day of showing love to your significant other, it’s becoming too commercialized these days. If you really love each other, everyday is gonna be Valentine’s. Don’t just show your love or go the extra mile on that day itself. Surprise your guy with his favourite meal when he comes back from work. Make him a bento or something. Stick cutesy shyt on his car dashboard.  Make him an ugleh card to laugh at. Randomly kiss his forehead. Doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s.

Now my perfect Valentine’s would be staying in on a cold rainy night with significant other, snuggly blankets, hot Milo, a good book and zombie movie reruns. Or maybe reading 9gag together. (Yes, all potential future boyfriends need to fulfill two criteria: – He needs to know more memes than I do + He needs to like zombie movies.) Les Simples. I’m easily happy. No, I don’t need that 18k diamond ring. If he’d get me that black beanie though I’d be happy nah jus joking.

No flowers please.

I wouldn’t pass on the chocolate though, so get me a load of those.

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