Diary Writing


When lunar eclipses dawn.
His touches
like fire, like liquid,
like molten lava.
Devouring, devouring.

Boring holes in me.

Parting imaginary lips
Swollen from passion.
These tender bones are like
finely crafted glass
Lovingly shaped by hands
that no longer feel


*note: found this when I was looking thru old stuff. this was something I wrote back in 2011, when things were fked up with Matt. Funny how my writing then was at its rawest and most powerful. (perasan habis, but I’m entitled to an opinion, right?)


*note 2: the original last line was ‘Lovingly shaped by hands that are long dead and gone’. I changed it because it no longer seemed… relevant.


*note 3: I don’t hate you anymore, Matt. I just intensely dislike you.
Maybe the day will come when I’ll forgive you for throwing me into a deep well and sealing me in the darkness.



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