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Tokio Hotel Live in Malaysia

Published: Wednesday March 17, 2010 MYT 6:45:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday March 17, 2010 MYT 6:47:09 PM
Tokio Hotel to rock Malaysia

POPULAR German pop rock outfit Tokio Hotel is set to play a Malaysian concert date in May. The band is part of the “Everyone Connect With Tokio Hotel” concert, sponsored by national telco TM, at Central Park Avenue, 1 Utama, Selangor on May 1.

It is the band’s first foray to South East Asia. Formed in 2001, in a town called Magdeburg in Germany, Tokio Hotel’s global reputation has been enhanced by recent chart success and tours in the United States after dominating the European music channels for more than two years now with striking video clips and charged-up pop punk tunes.

Young German band Tokio Hotel. From left: Gustav Schafer, Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz and Georg Listing.

The band’s line-up includes flamboyant frontman Bill Kaulitz, his guitarist twin brother Tom, drummer Gustav Schafer and bassist Georg Listing.

The band’s English-language album “Humanoid” has been an international hit since its release last year. It is the band’s second English album after the breakthrough “Scream” in 2007.

Exclusive passes for Tokio Hotel’s concert in Malaysia will be activated by a TM campaign, to be announced soon.

You know what happened when I saw this? The first thing I screamed was OHMYFKINGGOD and then mum came running in and asked me what the matter was.
Been hoping and hoping that they’ll come here and I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. OMFG. FML. I can’t believe. I got to start saving money for tickets now.
And please please please ultrafanatic religious groups, don’t protest and blax3 because they are a pop-punk band and supposedly brings bad influence to local youths. Because it is SO not true.
I can go watch Bill Kaulitz! OMFG! Ich Liebe Dich.. that’s I love you in German 🙂

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