Pappa Rich, IOI Boulevard Puchong

Went to watch Alice in Wonderland with the hubby at IOI Mall today 🙂

The movie was okay; I’d give it 3 out of 5, though I thought it was rather short (about 1h30m). But I did agree with the newspaper review that Johnny Depp’s mad hatter was more Emo than Mad. I think Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen was really good, she’s a superb actress. I adored Mrs Lovette in Sweeney Todd, which she portrayed as well. ^^
The film’s visuals were quite good, and I liked the music score. The story is a little slow paced though, at least for me.
I’ve never read Alice in Wonderland’s original story *gasp* so I couldn’t compare how it was between the movie and the book.
We had lunch at Sushi King and hubby ate three plates of Unagi (his fave) and I had salmon temaki.


Walked around and bought four new Shin Chan books. Then we had tea at Pappa Rich @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong.

I like the ambience, but it’s really hot there as they don’t have air conditioning. The big rotating fan wasn’t enough; plus the food was REALLY pricey. Taufoofah was RM4.50 wtf.


Soya milk with Cendol and Gula Melaka.


Iced lemon tea.

dsc02059 ‘

Hubby ordered the fish cakes as a snack. RM5.80. The chilli sauce was good.


My otak-otak, served in a dimsum basket. The taste wasn’t bad, but not special either. It was also RM5+, and hte portion was so kicik mayung.


Hubby’s half boiled eggs.
The total came to about RM26. ==”
I could have Western food at a cafe. So I’m not going back to Pappa Rich anytime soon. xD
Mum wanted to go to Kuala Gandah tomorrow to see the elephants in the reserve, but I had assignments to do, so I’ll probably be going next week. We can feed the elephants and bathe with them! Mum asked hubby to go, so I hope he can come along too.
Off to dinner now. Ciaoz!

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