King Crabby


For the first time ever ! In the history of the household! *drumrolls*
Mum bought crabs back to cook. Live crabs!
The crabs that I usually see are already dead and cooked in a butter sauce to dip with mantou. They are definitely not alive with their pincers tied, but ready to nip you if they get the chance.


Mum gave me a live demo of how to cook crab. It was horrifying. O-O

The first step was to get rid of the lower part of the crab, which is the jaw area. Imagine if some guy came and prised your jaw away from your skull. If it had a mouth it would be screaming, but I read somewhere that crustaceans can’t feel pain coz they don’t have pain receptors. Which is a slight comfort coz we had to kill the poor thing.

Next, mum prised open the top of its shell, leaving the inner structure exposed for all to view. I could see its white brains pulsing! Yes, they look like what our brains would look like, except smaller, wet, slimy and pulsing. Eww.

The final step was to actually kill it. With a whack with the meat cleaver to the middle. And then the poor thing’s suffering ended.
Welllll. Mum isn’t very good at cooking crab… coz it tasted awful (mum herself said it wasn’t good and blamed it on the crab :D). Next time around I think we’ll just go out for crabs.


FB-ing at MU after mamak with hubby.

SPM results are out tomorrow. So are my second sem results! (runs around like a headless chicken). Best of luck to everyone in SSH!

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